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Lolita and I

I had a bit of a panic last month because I didn't think I'd achieve my minimum number of books read for the month (4) all because I finally read Lolita. This is a book that I have tried a million times to read over the last decade and failed every time. I used to keep it by my window in my old bedroom so I could read it when I smoked but I just found myself going over the first few pages time and time again- nothing really drew me in and there was no incentive to carry on, other than the fact that it's a Modern Classic. So, the book has been on my literal and figurative TBR pile for years. This summer, when I moved home, I packed up all my precious books in meticulously categorised boxes (think of Netflix's old categories but for books: 'gritty American romance novels', 'novels featuring a bilingual lead') ready for when I am finally able to find a home of my own. All except my infamous TBR pile. I figured that if I left myself with only books I'v

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